Three Golf Days in a Row plus One

My Aphasia worries me. I retired about six months from the stroke.


I had a lot of things to do. I wanted to play golf, teach a course at a university, perhaps some consulting, work out, and spend talking with my friends. Aphasia challenges my language that helps those things done.


Now I play golf, write websites, and try to learn to write stories.


These last few weeks have just played as much golf as I can. It is fun. Working on the other stuff is hard. Because of who I am, I can do whatever I want. What I don’t do, I will not get better.


At the beginning of Torresdale Club, I could not figure out how to get me how to sign up to play. I learned that I could use tee times at ForTees, and I can allow sheets for the next 14 days. If I know someone who has an early time with an opening, I signed a tee time. If I have not played before, I tell them when I arrive that I have Aphasia and have trouble talking. People understand, and many learn about Aphasia. The golf professionals have been great too. I often practice words that I want to ask, and then I call them on the phone. They understand my Aphasia.


Last week, I watched the Open Championship (British Open). I watched Collin Morikawa’s outduels against Jordan Spieth. 


I decided to play as many times this week. In 2020, I played three days in a row, and the next day I had a stroke. My doctor nor my wife tell me that it did not cause the golf to get the stroke. It still scares me.


On Torresdale, I played for four days out of five days. It was like playing a Championship on my own. My handicap is a 22 on the White tees. With a par 70, I could try to get my “challenge.”


The first day, I shot a 94. On the 4th hole, par 3, I had a birdie. Later, on the 15th, 16th, and 17th  were pars. On the 15th par 4, it is a short 267-yard drive. I kept the driver straight, and my Pitcher Wedge (PW) had a 92-yards away. I missed the birdie within four feet and made the par. On the 16th par 5, I was lying fourth shot about 70-yards, and my wedge hit the pin and left me within 2 feet. I made the par. Sometimes it is lucky. On the 17th par 3, I had a nice hybrid and made the par.


On Thursday, I shot a 95. Only two pars on the 14th  (par 3) and my favorite shot, the 15th, another straight driver and left me at 83 yards. This time I left it about 4 feet on the right side. I missed the birdie and got the par.


On Friday, I started to get tired. One par and one birdie today. I started with a par on the 1st par 4, made the two puts this time, and it isn’t easy to not make a three-putt. On the 15th par 4, I did it again. This time I let a longer putt, and this time I made a slick putter for the birdie.


On Saturday, I had the best front nine score this year with a 44. Today, I had four pars, three of them on par 3. I also had the 15th par again. On the four days for the 15th, I shot three pars and one birdie. 


Following the end of the four days, I learned some things. There are times I need to focus more. I don’t think this is about Aphasia. On the 10th hole, it messed every day. I had a nice drive and then destroyed the second or third shot. It’s a par five, and either a trap or a missed shot sends an eight for me. If I could get rid of the three holes a day and get to bogies I would be in the 85.


I have made a lot of friends playing here this year.


Next week is Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Let’s see how it goes. I play early in the morning at 7:30 to get it before it gets hot.

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