How to Write a Check

Question: When I have aphasia, I have to figure out how to write a checkbook. I needed this before, but now I have a problem with how to do that. Can you help?

Answer: There are several steps to take. The amount is below:

  1. The date: June 23, 2021
  2. Pay to the order: John Jones
  3. The amount $: 1,250.25
  4. The full amount: One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty and 25/100 Dollars
  5. For: Memo
  6. Signature: Mary Smith

The full amount can be difficult due to having a different amount.

  • $25,231.15 – Twenty Five Thousand Two Hundred Thirty-One and 15/100
  • $135.39 – One Hundred Thirty-Five and 39/100

The below can show how to check these with you to double-check.


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