Upstairs and Downstairs Locker Room at the Country Golf

Last week I signed up for registration for the Upstairs and Downstairs Locker Room Battle at Torresdale, my golf country club.


On Saturday, June 12, the competition will consist of both floors facing off in a Stableford scoring event. I am on the downstairs locker. There were teams players from more for the upstairs team than for the downstairs. The top ten scores for each team would count.


The Stableford scoring is fun. You get competing against each other while trying to accumulate the most points during the round. You are awarded points for each hole. Today I had a 26 handicap to help a 96 to get a par 70. 


I had breakfast at 7:30 when it started. After breakfast, I went to the practice range and hit a few balls to warm up. Then, at 9:00, we started using a shotgun start – all groups of players tee off simultaneously from different holes. I started at the 13th hole. It was a par 5, and it is the second hardest handicap. I shot a 7, but with two strokes, I had a net par and 2 points.


The 14th hole was another challenging par 3. Again, I shot a five and two strokes and another net par.


I shot one birdie, two pars, seven bogeys, seven double bogies, and one triple bogie. I ended up with 40 points, and it was the third-best total of the day. The Upstairs won by 348 vs. 337.


The highlight for me was on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th hole were I had a gross par, birdie, and par.


On the 3rd hole, it was a long par four, and I usually hit a laying up a second shot to leave me around 70 to 80 yards. I used my wedge 50o, and it went straight at the elevated green, so I did not see it. Once I got up to the green, I couldn’t find it and I thought it was long. I asked my partners if they saw it, but they thought it was a great shot. No one ever checks the cup. I walked up, and there it was—a birdie and with two strokes a net 1 for six points.


It was fun. I had lunch with my friends, and they were pretty excited about my score.


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