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My Friends Said:

Ed, I read the stories; it truly is a "Small World," but you know what I learned; the more people you touch and help, the smaller the world becomes. So you must have helped a lot of people! Today you helped me understand something I was ignorant of, and I really appreciate you putting your story out there to teach me and hopefully make me a better person. The greatest people in the world served the greatest number of people. In fact, service to humanity is the ultimate honor. Perhaps we did not talk much in High School, but you are speaking loud and clear today and in my life forevermore! Thanks for your Service!
Richard Stevens
Love this! Keep them coming. Inspiration for me to write down my small word stories as well!

Didn’t know you knew Bill Hahn, me too. Dated him a few times and we went to one of my Theta weddings together in Berwyn. What became of him?
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