Professor Judi Wakhungu

Aphasia worries my ability to talk to others. I love to talk. When I do, I say three words, and I stop. I can’t figure out how to say the words. I know what I want to say, but the terms won’t work.


Sometimes it is much easier not to say anything. Then I remember all the great times of my life where talking started a conversation, and my small world starts.


Then I remember when I met Kenya’s ambassador to France, Portugal, Serbia, Monaco, and the Holy See.


In October 2018, I went to a business meeting in Paris, Germany, and England. The real reason there was to see the Eagles play in Wembley. One of the DXC had gotten a box to see the game.


The first trip was to go to France via London. I had a small plane and had a first-class seat. On the window plane, I saw a younger, elegant woman sitting there. I had my Penn State hat and jeans.


“Are you a Penn Stater?” she said.


“Yes, I went there many years ago.” I was shocked. Most people don’t usually say anything like that.


Judi Wakhungu told me that she studied at the College of Earth and Minerals Science and became a professor there. She knew Eric Barron, who is the new PSU President.


We discussed the whole fight. When I lived at Penn State, I lived at Deike Library because I was in a fraternity across the street. I was the “Animal House.” She laughed. “You guys were noisy.”


She told me that she was an Ambassador in France for Kenya. I told her that I was the head of Compensation and Benefits and met with my team in Paris. We discussed our info and said that it was nice speaking with you.


I hoped to run into Eric Barron to tell her the story but never connected.


I recently read about Paris and remembered this story. I googled asking about “Paris, Kenya, Penn State” and found this story.


Aphasia tells me stories to help me to sell the words for me.


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In each story, I tried to learn something new to work on what I have trouble speaking. Many of these are fun to remember and learn how to write again.

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