Early on Halloween, I had on a golfer costume. It turned into quite a trick for me.   I shot an Ace, a Hole-in-One. It is rare. I am an amateur and not playing well.   Being that I had a stroke on June 8, 2020, I blamed my terrible golf because of my Aphasia.

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Why Aphasia Rocks?

When I first started with our new technology company, a smaller company merged with a larger company. During our first meeting, the executives from the “new” company always talking like all of their leaders were “rock-stars.” Many of us who were hardworking figured we were outstanding, but people did not recognize us as “rock-stars.” It

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Happy New Year!

“Aphasia, the cruel illness resulting from a stroke, allowed Jean to understand what was said to her but prevented her from clearly replying.” – Robert Giroux.   Whether or not, each year is a new experience. This year’s 2020 was another one, and 2021 will be a new year.   Looking at 2020 is a

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