Aphasia Awareness 2022 June 1

Every day I will try each story to talk about Aphasia this month.
Today I played golf. I work as often as I can. I still suck. I told the Neurologist that I could not play golf well after the stroke. My wife insisted I sucked before I had the stroke.
I could have a conversation with many of my friends and those who worked in Torresdale. With my ability to have conversations has gone much better. As long as I stay patient and think slow down, it works.
I shot a 48/45. In the front nine, I had two pars but two triple bogies. I had bogies on each hole for the last nine with a few triple putts. I will play again tomorrow.
I still can not complete some words. I said: “When I got back to the locker room, I took my golf shoes to go to the ‘guy’ to clean them. It is not clean, but I explained to him that my stink shoes needed to spray them”. I could not think of the word “guy,” “shoes,” and “spray.” When I had this issue, I reminded them I have aphasia and that I can’t think of the words.
I told my wife that she had a “sound funny” early on the day. I couldn’t say “she had a congested nose.”
With aphasia, sometimes I find other words to get the right discussion.

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Ed Núñez

In each story, I tried to learn something new to work on what I have trouble speaking. Many of these are fun to remember and learn how to write again.

My Aphasia


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Bruce Willis

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Small World

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